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    Since the establishment in August 1996, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering has developed a quality computer science curriculum that offers BS, MS and Ph.D. of Science degrees. Faculty has great research interests spanning a wide spectrum of Computer Science. These include theoretical computer science, algorithm design and analysis, mobile computing, IC design, database, programming language and compiler design, parallel processing and distributed systems, artificial intelligence, computer graphics, image and speech processing, pattern recognition, data compression, and scientific computing.



    The faculty is increasingly involved in campus-wide and nation-wide interdisciplinary research and teaching activities.
Our goals are:

  1. to educate students with theories of computer science, computerized application systems, and computer network environments,
  2. to provide advanced training in programming capabilities, and to design aspects on computer systems and other automated application systems,
  3. to combine theoretical models with practical application systems,
  4. to support the teaching and interdisciplinary researches of NTOU


    The faculty members of the Department include 7 Professors, 14 Associate Professors, 7Assistant Professors, and 2 affiliate Professor.

Educational Goals

    The Department offers coursework in foundations of computer science and information engineering, systems, and applications with the following emphases:

  1. Computer interaction and utilization,
  2. Computer organization,
  3. Programming capability and paradigm,
  4. Algorithm,
  5. Computer network and distributed computing,
  6. Operating system,
  7. Database,
  8. Compiler,
  9. Computation theory,
  10. IC design, and
  11. Other applications (multimedia, image, speech processing, neural networks, intelligent systems, etc.)

Research Focus

     The interests of faculties cover many theoretical and applied areas in both computer science and information engineering. There are several research laboratories in this department:

  1. Cryptography and Information Security Laboratory
  2. Distributed Management Laboratory
  3. Computer System Security Laboratory
  4. Programming Laboratory
  5. Visual Computer Laboratory
  6. Computer Graphics Laboratory
  7. Database Laboratory
  8. Genomic & Bioinformatics Laboratory, Center for Marine Bioscience and Biotechnology
  9. Intelligent Multimedia Laboratory
  10. System-on-Chip Laboratory
  11. Intelligent System Laboratory
  12. Distributed Real-time Intelligent Software Engineering Laboratory
  13. Natural Language Processing Laboratory
  14. High-Speed Communication & Computing Laboratory
  15. Multimedia Database Laboratory

Degree Programs

    We welcome both local and international students to join our undergraduate program and graduate school to achieve the self-fulfillment of brilliancy. Our BS, MS, and Ph.D. degree programs facilitate the development of students’ academia and industrial careers.

The Bachelor of Science Program in Computer Science and Engineering offers essential education of computing knowledge and skills. This program mainly qualifies students for advanced studies and provides training for a variety of careers in businesses, industries, and public positions. Duration of this program is normally 4 years.

The Master Program in Computer Science and Engineering is an academic program allows participants to obtain a Master of Science degree in Computer Science and Engineering in 2 years. The purpose of this program is to provide advanced training in computer science and engineering for students to acquire dominant positions in industries and academia. Participants are required to take courses in three major areas --- Theory, Systems, and Applications. The student must finish a competent thesis under the supervision of one of the department faculty member.

The Ph.D. Program in Computer science and Engineering allows participants to obtain a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science and Engineering in 3 to 7 years. This advanced graduate program is a research-oriented program. The requirement for accomplishing this program is a competent Ph.D. thesis.